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Keep Your Car Shining as New with Express Auto Car Wash in Abu Dhabi

It is essential to take proper care of your vehicle every month. This is the only way you can avoid all kinds of mishaps in the future. However, some people may not have the time to visit a car wash station or they simply don’t know which one is best for their cars. We at Express Auto Wash, a car wash provider in Abu Dhabi, have been in the industry for more than 20 years now and we understand that people are not aware of the best car wash stations in Abu Dhabi. We at Express Auto Wash take pride in our staff and the service we provide to our clients. Our technicians are experienced and certified and they are able to give you exceptional services every time. We have three types of car wash: hot wash, UV-Dazzle, and spray and wash.


What is Express Auto Wash?

Express Auto Wash is a leading auto servicing and car wash in Abu Dhabi. We are known for our high-quality service that is designed to make your car shiny clean. Unlike other car wash companies, we believe that every vehicle needs a unique wash routine. What does it take to keep your car clean? There are some techniques used by car wash companies that are not really effective. After a while, those same things tend to appear on your vehicle. Even if the wash does its job, the residue makes sure to make it appear dirty again. Our professional team works hard to ensure that we are removing all the dirt and debris that is contaminating your car. We are always on call to get your car back to its original condition.


What services do we offer?

We offer a variety of services that we take pride in. The list includes Maintenance and upkeep: Our qualified staff will provide on-site service and maintenance to your car every single day. When the car is parked in the garage, your car is clean, safe, and sound. When we provide you with this service, you get the cleanest and safest car on the road. Inspecting your car thoroughly: Our staff is very familiar with how your car works. They will check the vehicle over and ensure that everything is in good working condition. Hiring car wash and body shop services for all your cars: Most car owners don’t take the opportunity to get their cars washed or detailed.


Is there anything else you should know?

Our premium services include:

  • High-quality wash
  • High-pressure dry
  • Hot wax Extended servicing
  • Full body detailing
  • Tri-Color Foam
  • Rain Shield
  • Hand polishing


Our services come at a very reasonable price! Some of our features include:

Pre-Soak: Whole coverage is no issue with everything from Versa Arches and streamers to foamers and tire chemical applicators.

Conveyor: Our XR-1000 offers a safe and reliable conveyor on the market today with its simple, and innovative design.

Friction Wash: Smoothly washing all vehicles surfaces, the SuperFlex Wrap-Around, the Top Brush, and High and Low Side Washers offer a thorough and superior level of clean.

Rinse, Shine, and Dry: Chemical Application is easy with the Versa Arches with a variety of manifolds to help deliver every chemical available. We add Smart Nozzles and Power Locks for greater energy efficiency.

Add-Ons: Wheel Boss- all foam or bristle brush horizontal wheel cleaner, Gloss Boss- industry’s best automated tire dresser, Power Locks- noise reducing and energy saving add-on.


Car Wash in Abu Dhabi is helping most citizens keep cars clean and safe from UV damage. For car care, it will help you and your car to look new and minty. Furthermore, you will look gorgeous and trendy when you drive your vehicle on busy roads. So, don’t delay anymore and book your services from Express Auto Wash today! Our experts and fully trained professionals have always used the best solutions to maintain the appearance of cars effectively and safely. At Express Auto Wash, clients are our priority and we assure to deliver industry’s best car cleaning and detailing solutions at cost-effective rates.

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