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Keeping your car clean and tidy helps you preserve its value and increase its lifespan. With new technological advancements, cars can now last longer than ever before. In fact, on average, cars today have an average age that is nearly twelve years. This means we can easily find cars with 200,000 kilometers of running or more. Obviously, if you do not treat your car right, it might not make it so far. Paying attention to regular maintenance services, like oil and filter changes, tire rotation, and brake pad replacement, are important for a better car life. And so is a wash and polishing or detailing.

Getting your car washed with your hands is a sure way to keep it clean, but sometimes, you need a faster solution. This is where automatic car washes come in handy. And Express Auto Wash is the best facility in Abu Dhabi with automatic car wash solutions. But is it worth it? Can an automatic car wash take care of your car? Car owners have so many such questions, and we never fail to answer them when it comes to the car wash services.

Express Auto Wash – Get an Automatic Car Wash in Abu Dhabi

In a nation like Abu Dhabi, getting your car washed is always recommended. With regular dust on and inside your car due to the weather here, you need to get your car washed more often. There is no specific time to get your car washed. If you feel your car is a bit dusty, it’s good to get it washed. But waiting until your car really needs a bath is not an ideal situation for extended vehicle life. It is better to look at the car wash like a regular chore rather than a “when it looks like it needs it”. It may happen that you don’t get enough time for a regular car wash as in with hands, so you can choose an automatic car wash. At Express Auto Wash, we get your car washed in just 5 minutes. An underbody wash or inside cleaning is not recommended every time you drive through, but a casual blast of the underside of your car is a nice idea to clean corrosive compounds and clog drain holes.

Safe Automatic Car Wash in Mushrif Mall, Airport Road, Abu Dhabi

Obviously, the main aim of a car wash is to remove dirt, debris, mud, and other contaminants that may harm your vehicle. If ignored, these contaminants may cause corrosion to the metal (rust) and eventually damage your car body paint. So it’s important to remove these contaminants. In a perfect world, a hand cleaning using specialized shampoo or soap is good, but an imperfect world makes it easier to have an alternative.

In reality, dirt is abrasive and will ruin your car’s clear coat. Some believe that an automatic car wash also does the same. But this is a myth, and we want people to know that an automatic car wash is safe and won’t damage your car. Mud, sand, and road tar can also catch moisture that may lead to corrosion. Other than regular debris, bird droppings, and bug splatter can eat into your paint finish if not removed quickly. It is also recommended to have your car washed more often than to simply leave it alone and let it deteriorate.

Book yourself a visit and get your car washed with an automatic car wash system at Express Auto Wash, Mushrif Mall, Airport Road, Abu Dhabi.

In your busy schedule, professional hand-washing can’t always be an option. So, a quality automatic car wash is your best bet to keep your car clean and tidy on a regular basis.

Get your Sedan and SUV cleaned with American Technology Automatic Car Wash

Our facility at Mushrif Mall is equipped with an American Technology automatic car wash and we can wash your sedans and SUVs neatly. All factory-installed equipment at Express Auto Wash guarantees protection to your car against damage. We are continuously enhancing our practices to keep your cars clean and shining every time. Moreover, our facility ensures a touchless car wash so no human touches your vehicle but only machines. This keeps your car clean and hygienic. A quality soft-cloth wash cleans without the solutions used in a “touchless” car wash but it takes a lot of time, which we believe you have less.

Additional Services from Express Auto Wash

Along with regular automatic car wash, we also make sure contaminants do not build up or remain on your car. Washing your car regularly is important, and an automatic car wash is an ideal option to keep your car brand new. So, what extra services do we offer in car care?

  • Car Interior Detailing
  • Car Body Polish
  • Car Sanitization

Our value added services are recommended as they are a be-all, end-all. When you visit our facility, we can show you around our entire service station. Come, get a comprehensive car care plan with Express Auto Wash.

Monthly Automatic Payment Membership Package

We have recurring payment plans for your automatic car wash here in Abu Dhabi. Just authorize us to collect the total charges from your credit card or bank account every month and visit our facility here at Mushrif Mall, Airport Road. If you love to keep your car clean all the time, then we are sure that our Monthly Recurring Membership Packages are by far your best value!

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