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Environment Friendly Automated Car Wash in Abu Dhabi

Environment Friendly Automated Car Wash in Abu Dhabi


We all care about the environment, but if you own a vehicle, you need to wash and clean it even if it’s kind of hurting our environment. Road salt, dirt, tar, sand, and more just build up on a car’s bodywork, brake pads, tires, and undercarriage, hurting its looks and performance. It’s a bitter truth that building, running, and maintaining a vehicle already creates a considerable impact on the environment. So, are we really planning to extend it while maintaining it for our use?

Is it the right time we all adopt an eco-friendly car wash for our own good and save more water and energy?

In the past 3 decades or so, more and more people are becoming aware of how our behaviors impact the environment. We are already enjoying so many conveniences and over time thanks to the technological advancements, we are now realizing that changes can be made in relation to our way of life to create less damage to the environment.

Automated car washes are one of those conveniences and with recent industry research, regulations, and standards, they are getting more eco-friendly too, reducing the strain on our natural resources.

Car owners and drivers across Abu Dhabi can rest assured that getting your vehicle cleaned up at the Express Auto Wash is good for the environment rather than doing it at home, and here’s why:

Commitment to Water Conservation

Over the past few years, automated car wash operators have drastically cut back on the amount of water they use for every car they clean by replacing the equipment needed to clean them. These changes are reducing the size of spray nozzles, controlling the water pressure, and recycling the waste water with specialized units.

According to our research, when you plan on giving your car a wash by hand by yourself or in the driveway using the old-fashioned hose and bucket process, you would use, on average, 450 liters or more of water. In fact, just 221 liters of water is used when you run your garden hose for five minutes. But, an industry standard fully automated car wash uses 150 liters of water per average vehicle, and it is two-thirds less water wasted.

We need more and more water efficient car wash systems that use less water.

At Express Auto Wash, we are committed to save and conserve water in order to protect our resources!

Protecting the Water Supply

Together with cutting down the water used for every car, Express Auto Wash also takes care of the water after it is used in the cleaning process. When you clean your car on your own, even the so-called environment-friendly soaps and shampoos mix up with the natural water supplies and make their way untreated to local streams or even for the ground. Dirt laced with oil, grease, heavy metals, and other toxic elements are mixed up with the local waterways.

At a professional automated car wash like Express Auto Wash, we have installed water reclamation systems to prevent water waste and our drains are designed to help catch the contaminants in the water after cleaning. Unlike your sidewalk or driveway wash, all the water after your car is washed at an automated center is flushed into the sanitary water system, which means it’s treated to remove pollutants before it gets sent back into the local water system.

Energy-Efficient Operations

The car wash services are highly regulated, and water conservation and water treatments have also been addressed for the past years.

The equipment used in automated car wash systems now comes tuned to conserve energy and thus, you can enjoy more energy that is saved for something more important.

Automated Car Washes are Safe for Your Vehicles

Several reports and observations over the past few years in the UAE have shown that it’s a lot better for your vehicle’s paint and finish to get your car washed at an automated car wash. Because of advanced technologies, soft foam cleaners, and brushes are less likely to hurt your vehicle and protect it from the damage from abrasives in the cleaning device.

Why Express Auto Wash?

People usually ask for environmentally friendly car wash services and equipment. At Express Auto Wash, we have a concept to wash cars in this way only. Our washing methodology is designed to protect both our customers and the environment’s interests.


Express Auto Wash is Abu Dhabi’s best and fastest growing car wash facility located at Mushrif Mall. We aim for excellence and our goal is to become UAE’s largest car wash with advanced technologies!

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