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Washing Your Car Need Not Take Long- Meet 5 Minutes Car Wash in Abu Dhabi!


A new trend has made its way to the UAE; it is a quick car wash service that promises a unique experience. By their very nature, car washes are usually time-intensive services and often require you to drive through a dark tunnel with soapsuds. The American company behind Express Auto Wash has decided on a different approach; first of all, it starts with providing you with clean rags for the windscreen and wipers before coming back for your wheels and lastly – making sure no dirt or dust sneaks in. The whole process takes about five minutes, including waiting time at each stage.

At Express Auto Wash, the actual washing is done by mechanical brushes at our facility in Abu Dhabi. Express Auto Wash offers quick 5 minutes wash for those who have a busy schedule and love to see their car neat as a pin!


Best Car Cleaning Business in Abu Dhabi

Car washing is not only cleaning the car’s exteriors but also involves comprehensive washing and cleaning of interiors, engine wash, dashboard wash, AC disinfection, proper cleaning and drying of foot mats, body wash, ashtray cleaning, and cleaning of air vents. Express Auto Wash has highly qualified professional cleaning staff, equipment, and technology. Here our expertise is perfectly aligned with our offerings. With our 5-minute car wash offering, our customers have expressed 100% satisfaction. Our flagship car facility is located in Mushrif Mall along the Airport Road in the heart of Abu Dhabi, where we offer a comprehensive service for all models of vehicle you own.


Interior Washing and Polishing and Exterior Body

At Express Auto Wash, we offer an extensive range of car wash services. Our comprehensive package includes a complete range of services, from basic car washing to detailed interior cleaning, vacuuming, protective coating, and dashboard polishing. When we claim to be the best car wash service provider, our primary focus areas are long-term protection against rusting to the vehicle body, a combination of products to enhance vehicle maintenance and improve fuel efficiency with AC disinfection. In addition, we take pride in offering the latest American technology automatic car wash that gets even better with the finest products imported directly from America. Finally, every wash ends with a spot-free finish to deliver the ultimate drying results, thanks to our technology. So, be sure to check out our best comprehensive packages!


Car Maintenance Services

We all know that a dirty and unclean car can always lead to a bad mood. Driving a vehicle with dirt and dust all around is a curse to everyone. In most situations, this happens when the car cleaner does not have enough professional skills and equipment to wash the car to meet your cleanliness expectations. But there is nothing to worry about. We at Express Auto Wash have everything to offer. We offer a wide range of services, including interior and exterior wet shampooing, machine rubbing, pressure washing, vacuum cleaning, and detailing, which help maintain the car’s quality and overall resale value. In addition, Express Auto Wash offers a quick 5-minute car wash using high-quality cleaning products and the best equipment, including the latest in tools and technology.


It is always a good idea to give your car a quick wash before you leave for the long summer holidays to make sure it looks its best during your stay away from home. At Express Auto Wash, we are all about offering our customers fast, friendly, and reliable car washes. We know washing your car can be a chore, but not anymore! In just five minutes or less, your vehicle will be shining like new from hood to tire, guaranteed!

So, whether you need a one-time quick wash or are looking for a shiny one all the time, Express Auto Wash has the solution for you. With superior rinse technology, water beading, tire shine, and free vacuums, you won’t find a better car wash experience. In addition, we use environment-friendly products with every wash and have state-of-the-art equipment for the best job possible. So please take five minutes of your day and visit us for the best car wash near you!

To know more about quick 5-minute car washes, visit our facility today!


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