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How to Maintain Your Car After a Professional Detailing


Have you recently given your sweet ride the makeover it deserves? That’s fantastic! In fact, not enough people even consider opting for professional car detailing, and more people should as it can do wonders! Not only does it keep your car looking as good as brand new, but it also helps secure its market value and, most importantly, lengthens its span of life. So whether waxing, cleaning, or making repairs and maintenance, exterior car care must become a daily part of your car care routine. 

But looking after your car does not end with professional detailing; it requires consistent and regular maintenance to perform at its optimum potential. So how do you do that? Well, that’s what we are here to tell you! Here’s a step-by-step timeline that we recommend you follow to keep your lean, mean, fighting machine in tip-top shape after your car-detailing appointment:


Once a Week

Don’t worry; there isn’t much required to be done every week. All you need to ensure is that the glass is washed and cleaned. You must do this because they get dirty soon, and are the first to show it as well. Just make sure the glass is cleaned regularly so that your ride’s beauty shines through for all to see. Next, using a sponge, wash the car’s roof and clean the windows. Tires and wheels must be cleaned last. Since they contact the road and collect the most dirt and grime, it makes more sense to clean the rest of the car first to not transfer dirt from them to the rest of the vehicle. 


Once a Fortnight

There are two things you must try to accomplish car-maintenance wise every fortnight or two weeks. Firstly, make sure you wash the car’s outer body so that it can gleam like the glass you’ve been cleaning every week. When your ride looks good, you will feel good too! Secondly, we all know the inside is as important as the outside, if not more. To this end, make sure you hoover the interiors thoroughly and wipe everything own so that the inside matches the exterior.


Once a Month

It is essential that you treat your car to a thorough deep-cleaning at least once every month, specifically, the seats, which are dirt magnets, and more often than not, are home to enough crumbs to make a gingerbread house. This, of course, is in addition to myriad other things that always mysteriously find their way on, between, and underneath your seats.


Once in Two Months

Last but not least, you must also give that deep-cleaning treatment to your tires. After all, they do a lot of the heavy lifting and receive the roughest treatment. You can keep your heels looking fresh and glossy with the help of a trim dressing that keeps plastic seals, rubber, and other components gleaming and looking as good as new. Moreover, this would also be the ideal time to treat your exterior to a new wax treatment, seal, or coating to keep your topcoat looking nice and shiny.


Maintain your car the right way!

While looks can go a long way, if you want your car’s beauty to be more than stunning, daily maintenance is required to keep it running smoothly for a long time. First, always read the owner’s manual, as it has a lot of vital information in it that you must know about the car you’re driving. 


Now that you have a timeline to refer to, you must be wondering where to get your professional auto-detailing done. Well, your search ends here!

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So, treat your ride to the ultimate grooming session and yourself to a fantastic driving experience!


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