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Hand car wash vs. Automatic car wash – why is automatic car washing better?


The car industry’s ever-growing car demand and evolving face have generated the need for car cleaning services. But we all know that searching for the best car wash method is a never-ending adventure! The big question is whether to go for a manual hand wash or an automatic car wash?

For a car to have a good appearance, longer life, and good resale value, it needs a regular wash. However, when you’re interested in maximum advantages from regular washes, which option should you choose? Is it better to go with a hand-washed car or to use a drive-through automatic car wash?

To help answer these questions, we at Express Auto Wash in Abu Dhabi are comparing two prevalent car wash methods with the help of this article.


Hand Car Washing

Hand car washing is the traditional way of cleaning a car. However, the ever-growing needs and advancement of technology have forced many car owners to adopt today’s fashion of car washing which even includes a ceramic coating. Despite people’s mentality that hand cleaning is slow and time-consuming, it possesses certain advantages that can hold back for a few more years in the coming future. Looking at the pros and cons will help get a clear picture of hand car cleaning.



  1. Cost-effective

Going for hand car washing is cheaper than automatic car washing as the cost of the bucket, sponges, and car wash equipment is more affordable and can be available at any store.

  1. Fully clean

Hand wash cleaning is preferred as it assures complete cleanliness, and it cleans every nook and corner quickly significantly in terms of interior cleaning.



  1. Time-consuming

Hand car washing is a time-consuming method as you need to pay attention to minute cleaning and even be careful about cleaning rugs, as a bit of carelessness can lead to scratches over the car paint, which can hamper the car’s appearance.

  1. Water wastage

Water usage is a significant drawback of hand cleaning as in most cases; people end up using extra water for cleaning.

  1. Leaves Dull Marks

Most car owners use regular soap to clean, leaving a dull and whitish coat over the paint and hampers the appearance.


Automatic Car Wash

Machines have been working side by side with humans, and even at some point, it is a need that has no alternatives. In terms of convenience, one can never beat the appeal of driving to the local automatic car wash and getting the car clean in minutes. Readily available and typically cost-effective, automatic car washes have their own set of pros and cons, including:



  1. In-depth cleaning

There is thorough coverage in automatic car washing. Today’s automatic car wash is professionally designed to run through a specific set of steps. So it’s less likely that some part of the vehicle would get overlooked.

  1. Gentle on car body and paint

An automatic car wash is designed to be gentle, even as it quickly and effectively cleans the car. The wash can protect the paint and help it last longer.

  1. Saves Time

An automatic car wash is a convenient and time-saving option, especially if you’re a busy bee. The whole cleaning process takes nearly 10 minutes. One can be in-and-out of the car wash in an instant.



  1. Lighter touch

While an automatic car wash that involves less car contact can be good for the paint, there are also chances that some hard-to-remove grime gets left on the car after the wash.

  1. Leaves Water Spots

Automatic car washes use blowers to dry the car. However, sometimes incomplete drying can lead to water spots on the vehicle.


Why is Automatic Car Washing Better?

After comparing both the car wash method’s pros and cons, it is clear that automatic car washes not just save time; but, in the long run, they help maintain the vehicle more efficiently. In addition, professional equipment and service help extend the car’s exterior and interior life.


By visiting Express Auto Wash, we assure you that your car is being cleaned using the right products and techniques that will keep your vehicle in a brand-new condition. So, give your car the best treatment it deserves with Express Auto Wash in Abu Dhabi!


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