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5 Undeniable Reasons to Love Car Washes!

Our cars are more than just simple means of transportation, they are the best investment one can make in life. It makes sense that we get our car washed regularly because getting it washed benefits us if we want to keep its condition as perfect as possible. When it is time to wash the car, most people hesitate to go out into their driveway and do the job themselves. It is time-consuming, messy, and requires a lot of effort.

Most consumers still prefer a professional car wash for good reason. The best way to get your car thoroughly clean is at a professional car wash. It is much more convenient and it also offers an array of other vital advantages.

We at Express Auto Wash have listed 5 undeniable reasons to love car washes!

  1. Car washes help to keep the vehicle’s value up for a long time

While most cars are destined to lose value over time, excellent and effective maintenance can offer you the bargaining power when it’s time to sell the car, particularly if you put money into professional deep cleaning services that tackle the interior as well as the exterior of the car. Ridding the inside of the car of dust, dirt, and more will not just keep the vehicle looking good, it might benefit your sales pitch in the future!

  1. Car washes save the vehicle from damage and preserves value

Washing your car regularly removes residues, dirt, and pollutants that degrade the paint finish and corrode the underlying metal. It acts as an anti-aging cosmetic on the vehicle. Washing by hand can be riskier than you think. Using the wrong soap or sponge can lead to massive damage to the vehicle. Using any kind of soap that is not made for cars can cause permanent damage. Using a sponge or a brush that is too rough can lead to tiny scratches on the car’s exterior. One must always dry the car after washing, which is a step that many of the at-home car washers often forget. Leaving water on the car’s surface can cause water sports and the chemicals in the water can lead to damage to the exterior. At a professional car wash, the car is blasted with very powerful blow-dryers that dry the car better than any rag ever will, with no water sots and making sure that the car is perfectly clean and damage-free.

  1. Car washes promise to offer better fuel efficiency

It is a fact that a clean car runs better than a dirty one. Research has shown that the fuel efficiency of a clean car is better by 10% than a dirty one. It is always smart to wash the car regularly because of contaminants that lead to rust. A layer of dirt on the car increases drags, causing it to use more fuel. Most individuals do not take the trouble of ever popping the hood, even though keeping the motor inlet wiped alongside fixing of liquids and changing channels can have a more significant amount of effect in the long run regarding safeguarding your motor. Dirt may not seem like it could drag a car down, but it does. You are saving yourself a lot of money and time when you get your car cleaned professionally.

  1. Car washes ensure that the car paint looks new for over 5-10 years!

During a professional full-service car wash, surface protectant, a popular car care product, is adequately applied on the car for its protection. These protectants act as sunscreen. Sun exposure can fade and dull a car’s paint. This protectant forms a chemical barrier to filter out those harmful UV rays. Surface protectant also repels water, causing it to bead on the paint’s surface. Without protection, the damage caused by rain can go beneath the top layer of paint. In addition, pollution, bird droppings, and acid rain can leave behind residue that can lead to damage even if the car doesn’t look dirty. Surface protectant prevents that residue from coming in contact with the paint job. Lastly, the surface protectant adds shine and gloss, improving the car’s appearance and also preventing the collection of brake dust on the car’s paint.

  1. Car washes are better for the environment

Professional car washes use less water, and the cleaning product residue is directed to a water treatment plant instead of just running off into a dream. Even the products that are used are the best, as well as safe and ecologically friendly. Also, the most water-efficient car wash systems use less water than what a typical home washing machine requires to get the clothes clean. For the price that we offer at Express Auto Wash and around 10 minutes of your time, you can fit a car wash into even the busiest of schedules. It’s a simple form of preventive maintenance that will keep your car protected and in good physical condition. Car washing isn’t time-consuming, just wash, vacuum, and here you go with the whole process. Wasn’t that easy and straightforward?


A person nearly takes two hours in cleaning the car inside and out. There are numerous steps included in cleaning the car, involving vacuuming, washing outside, cleaning the interior, cleaning each wheel rim, applying wax, and applying polish. A professional car wash service washes and finishes the work in 10-40 minutes and at a very cost-effective price. Express Auto Wash is one such service.

We provide a seamless experience that will revolutionize the way you maintain your car. We offer a full-service express wash to fetch a clean on the interior and exterior parts of your car. The range of services here at Express Auto Wash is endless, offering solutions for every one of your requests. Daily car wash is a cost-effective means to keep the car looking great, increasing its resale value. At Express Auto Wash, there is external cleaning with wet steam and high pressure using special car cleaning accessories.

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