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5 Benefits of Detailing Your Vehicle Regularly

5 Benefits of Detailing Your Vehicle Regularly


Getting a vehicle detailed has its own benefits and should be a regular schedule of your vehicle maintenance. Vehicle detailing has many great benefits, more than that of a regular car wash. Auto-detailing is an investment to enhance your vehicle’s lifespan, and returns are greater. If you are new to the concept or are interested in learning more, keep reading.

Washing your car is necessary, but detailing is more than just getting it washed.

What’s the difference between a car wash and an auto detail?

Both the car wash and car detailing are important for maintaining your car’s integrity but, they are far from being similar. Car washes usually remove surface-level dirt from your car’s exterior and interior. There are many types of car washes like hand washes, drive-thru’s, and DIYs out of which can damage your car’s paint if done for long. Car details on the other hand are different. Vehicle detailing includes a hand wash and professional machines to protect the integrity of your vehicle paint and parts while offering a deep clean both in the exterior and interior. Auto-detailing is beyond cleaning off surface dust and cleaning every nook and cranny of your vehicle, leaving it feeling just like new.

Car detailing is an important part of regular car maintenance.

  1. Keeps You Safe

Car detailing keeps you safe on the roads. Especially at nights and in bad weather, where you want better visibility. Dirty windows may block your vision and chances are higher for an accident. Even cloudy headlights are known to damper your light brightness. Even though there are safety hazards, they might make driving incredibly unsafe. If you don’t maintain your car, you might be called a careless driver, and you don’t want that. A dirty car is unfit for the road. Maintain your vehicle with regular car wash detailing service. Car detailing from Express Auto Wash will protect your car from unsightly scratches, and keep you safe on the road.

  1. Increases Resale Value

Are you looking to sell or trade in your car? Driving a clean, nice, and shiny car is much appreciated at the exchange or sale than a dirty one, with dull paint and exterior. Buyers might judge the appearance of your vehicle, but they also judge the performance, even if it’s good enough. Poorly maintained car makes one hesitant to purchase the car. When you get your car detailed nicely, it will make the car look newer and more appealing to the potential buyer.

  1. Bacteria and Virus-Free Car

Your car has more germs than on your shoes. Even if you have an auto-clean like function in your car, there are chances that bacteria and viruses are growing on your car. Your leftover food and drinks are major causes of this problem. Bacteria are dangerous for your overall health and thus, you may become quite ill as a result. Car detailing at Express Auto Wash in Abu Dhabi knows every nook and crannies of getting your car bacteria-free, and we take care of the germs that are harmful to your health. Get ready to breathe easy, and ensure you are driving around in a clean, bacteria-free car.

  1. Saves Time and Energy

Like most, you might not have the time to clean off the dust, mud, salt, and other things that are caked on your car’s exterior, or in the interior. Imagine the things you can get done if someone else is spending time and energy to completely detail your vehicle? Think about dropping your car at a fully automated car wash service center, leaving your day free to do other important things. We mean, you don’t have to spend more of your valuable time cleaning your car!

Dropping your car at Express Auto Wash for car detailing in Abu Dhabi will get the results in a fraction of the time, and keeps your car safe, clean, and shiny.

  1. Preserves Paint

Colors and accessories on your car are important. You don’t want them to fade and become dull. It’s not just salt and dust that allows the paint to crack on your car. The longer you ignore this, the higher the chances that it may cause rust on the metal under the paint. Ultraviolet rays from sunlight, bird droppings, and bugs splattered on your windshield or bumper can also damage the paint on your car’s exterior. While damage due to the sun may be unavoidable, a good detailing service can offer greater protection for your care from messy substances.


With a medium to regular use of your car, we recommend you get your car detailed every 6 months to maintain its pristine performance. The more regularly you get your automobile detailed, the better maintained your car will be. A well-maintained car has a prolonged lifespan and a resale value.

If you are near Airport Road Abu Dhabi, UAE, and are interested in booking a detailed service, Express Auto Wash offers comprehensive detailing services.

Explore our packages at https://eawuae.com/ and get your vehicle detailed, as simple as that!

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